Coach Ted knows that 90% of people fail to reach their goals. There are so many aspects to take into consideration when attempting to accomplish fitness goals, it is no wonder that so many people stall out and give up.

The word “tone” is one that was invented by the fitness industry in order to avoid the use of scary terms such as “build muscle.” In order to develop that toned look, it is mandatory to build muscle. This along with fat loss, is the only way to get that desired outcome and appearance. It is important to point out though, that building muscle is a lot more challenging than most people believe. If it were truly that easy, everyone would be walking around looking great, which with ever increasing obesity rates, is obviously not the case.

On a daily basis, the average female will have around 5% of the free-floating testosterone is a male; this makes it incredibly difficult for women to build muscle, so it requires just as much effort as a male to accomplish that “toned” appearance. Coach Ted works primarily with athletes, which require all of the same goals that the non-athletes do, losing fat, building muscle, rehabilitating injury, moving better and feeling better; and often times in a more expedited manor.

It is important to build a base that allows an individual to move well before attempting to destroy them with heavy weights. Mobility, stability and cardiovascular fitness should have their minimum requirements before advancing an athlete or Client too quickly. This all comes back to creating a plan based off of individuality.

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