Thank you for visiting Kaizen Athletic Performance, elite personal training for the General and Athletic populations! Train like an athlete to look like an athlete! This population has to be incredibly resilient to reduce their risk of injury; at Kaizen, we believe the average personal training client should be just as resilient playing with their children, putting heavy luggage in their upright bin and carrying their groceries from the car to the fridge! We work with Back Pain Management, Women’s Training, all aspects of Health & Fitness and Athletic Performance.

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Mission Statement

At Kaizen Athletic Performance, we believe in helping to instill values and confidence in our family of clientele, so that they can live life to the fullest; whether this be through sports, playing with their children, staying strong with age or by excelling in business and life. By helping others accomplish their goals and promote a lifelong passion for health, we create better lives in the process.

Personalized Programs

We offer athletic performance training, injury prevention, injury recovery, strength training, muscle building, fat loss, cardiovascular performance, olympic lifting, power lifting and bodybuilding. When a professional athlete comes to me with only 3 months to prepare for the next season, it is vital that we can expedite their results through all of these means.

Youth Athletes

Professional Athletes

Graduated Athletes or General Population

One of the best core training tools imaginable! Build stability, 6-pack abs and protect your spine!
Core training tool, the Ab Enforcer, helps to expedite abdominal training and stability 300-500% more efficiently than side-planks; studied in a laboratory setting, used in professional and collegiate sports, preparing for the Olympics and even used in the Olympic Village!

Back pain management

Coach Ted and Kaizen Athletic Performance have partnered with Coach Lee Brandon and premier leader in spine health research, Dr. Stuart McGill, to offer unrivaled and advanced spine health and pain management services in Southern California.

Coach Ted offers both individual and semi-private (up to 3 trainees simultaneously) training options. Semi-private training has its advantages, when training in groups, athletes tend to push themselves harder and thus obtain better results.

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Kaizen Principle

It is easy to develop power, speed and strength, but which should be trained first, last and together? It is important to ensure that you are getting the most out of your training and setting yourself up for future success through continuous improvement, instead of immediate, but minimal increases in performance!

Proven Testing Protocols

Sports such as volleyball and soccer expose athletes to an incredible amount of shoulder and knee stress. At Kaizen Athletic Performance, we assess each athlete individually through proven methods passed on by some of the world’s most accomplished strength coaches. These assessments help to guide training for each individual, in order to help prevent hamstring and groin pulls, increase sport specific strength and power production and alleviate or prevent future injuries.

Preventative and Rehabilitative Training Protocols

Females are greater than 8 times more likely to injure an ACL than males and these account for more season-ending injuries than any other for this population. Proper training protocols have been proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of knee, shoulder and ankle injuries in both female and male populations.