Many nutritional products contain ingredients not listed on the labels. For that reason, Kaizen and Coach Ted believe in only the simplest, most healthy products available. When able, products with NSF Tested labels are often ideal, especially when participated in sanctioned sports.


Thorne Brand Supplements: (I will add specific products soon, however, Thorne is a brand I have followed and trusted for over 5 years. They make great, good quality, minimal ingredient products that work!)

Purblack (Shilajit resin: amazing for helping heal and grow the body, cognitive function, reduce inflammation and more! You’ll feel this supplement working immediately!)

Quanta CBD/Arnica Cream:

SaltStick Electrolyte Fast Chews:

Perform Better Mini-Bands:

Perform Better Super Bands:

Tooth Paste:

10” Inflatable Ball:

Inflatable Lumbar Pillow:

Perfect Aminos:

Z Natural Foods Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate:

Xero Shoes:

Vibram Shoes:



Activated charcoal:

Niacin (B3):


If you’re curious about health and fitness, I recommend reading this book:

Red Light Therapy:

Multi-piece training accessory kit (bar pad, resistance bands, wrist wraps, etc.):

Barbell collars:

Coach Ted and Kaizen Athletic Performance are not responsible for any negative experiences associated with the organizations represented above. All supplements and foods should be analyzed by the purchaser before consumption. Coach Ted and Kaizen Athletic Performance are not responsible for any harmful affects caused by recommended products. Always have supplements cleared by your physician before beginning use.

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