Previous athlete and client experience.


Linda was a fantastic case. She came in with a still healing fractured heel from poor running mechanics. She came to me with dual purposes, first to learn proper running technique and second to drop a significant amount of weight in a short time span. Over the course of 7 weeks she managed to drop around 20 lbs of fat and gain 5 lbs of muscle. After only one week of technique work, she was able to run pain free again, while sill only roughly 90% recovered from her injury.


In 4 months I lost approximately 16 pounds on the scale, roughly 3 inches around my stomach, grew an inch on my arms and gained a boost of confidence. I started training with Ted when jogging and dieting on my own was starting to plateau. First we were meeting 3 times a week, but I wanted results faster, and now we meet Monday through Friday. I look forward to working out because Ted makes working out fun: the routines are generally different everyday, engaging, challenging, and he has a variety of equipment to mix it all up. Ted is also a great guy, he is easy to get along with, encouraging, knowledgeable about his field, and also good to look at!

I have made so much progress in 4 months. I’m lifting a lot of weight, which is a big deal because I had never lifted weights before. I can run a mile in under 6 minutes; this is especially notable for me because as an avid jogger I could never run a mile under 10 minutes. There were exercises I could not perform the first week that I blow through now. My body is slowly evolving; I have received compliments on my calves, my chest is showing definition, and my arms are looking good enough I feel confident wearing sleeveless shirts.

I have met my original fitness goals, and in the meantime Ted and I have come up with new ones. I’m very happy with my results and look forward to what Ted has planned for me.


I have lived all over North America and had many trainers over the years. I broke my foot and got out of my exercise routine. I gained 20 lbs, which is 20% of my normal body weight. Getting back to activity was hard, so I decided to start by going for walks in the park.

I saw Ted out in the park, with his weights and mats, training a guy. The next day I went for my walk again and saw him again, so I decided to stop and get his card.  I knew I needed to kick start things to get me back to how I once looked. I knew that having someone waiting for me everyday would make me accountable. So I set up training with him at 6:30 pm every weeknight and I’m SO glad I did. The first month got me back into working out regularly and eating right. I just needed to change my habits. I’m in my second month now and this month is all about stepping it up. If I did not have Ted waiting there for me and encouraging me along, I might be tempted to blow off my workout some nights.

I cannot STAND going to fitness classes and being a bit of a germaphobe, I hate big gyms. Plus, when I workout, I want one on one attention. I need it to stay focused and get the most out of my workout time.

Sometimes I meet Ted at the park to workout with his gear, if I feel like being outdoors. Sometimes he meets me at my building, where there’s a really great small gym. That’s one of the nice things about Ted, he’s flexible that way. Not to mention that he’s super affordable. In comparison to any other trainer I’ve spoken to, Ted is more than half the price.

I can’t say enough good things about Ted and I am SO thankful that I’m FINALLY actually DOING my workouts again. Getting back into shape can be really discouraging, so it really helped to have Ted there to hold me accountable, push me and cheer me on.

In a few months, I should be back looking like my old self. Thanks Ted!

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