Constant And Never Ending Improvement

Why Coach Ted

Coach Ted lives by the mantra of “Kaizen,” which means, to create “constant and never ending improvement.” This doesn’t just apply to his athletes, but to himself as well. Ted has had tremendous success with athletes in over 20 different sports and has worked with multiple professional, D1 collegiate athletes and high level youth hockey and baseball players, including players on the Los Angeles Kings’ and Anaheim Mighty Ducks’ youth organizations. He puts nearly all of his free time into educating himself further so that he can more quickly and efficiently help you to accomplish your goals.

Coach Ted has been trained by the the late but amazingly accomplished Charles Poliquin (strength and conditioning coach to Olympic medalists in 23 different sports) and Lee Brandon, strength and conditioning coach for over 30 years, having been the first female strength coach in the NFL and coaches many Olympic and professional athletes. Every individual is different for many reasons. Cultural differences play a huge impact on individuality which is why I never offer meal plan options; one person may enjoy one type of food and another will enjoy another type. Another example, is the type of training required; everyone enjoys moving in different ways and there are many methods to accomplish a single goal. It is important that your coach works with you to help discover these individual differences so as to create eating options and workouts that you will truly enjoy, otherwise this can add to the ever increasing amount of stress in a persons life making more it difficult to accomplish goals.

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Kaizen Athletic Performance and Coach Ted are not responsible for any injury that may occur during training. Exercise should be supervised by a professional. It is important to check with your physician if your body is ready to handle rigorous physical activity before implementing any training program.

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