As I have always preached, every person is highly individual. Every goal, every hormone, every gene, every response to training and every nutritional need is personal. Most of these factors are easy to adjust to, but the most challenging of which can often times be the precise training that each individual requires in order to expedite results and training enjoyment.

In Coach Charles Poliquin’s course, Neurotransmitter Profiling, I discovered the ultimate test to easily adapt anyone’s training to their particular needs, called the Braverman Test. To the ordinary person, this test can seem rather limited in information regarding training, but it can help me to know how often to rest someone, the repetition ranges that will benefit each individual more precisely and how often to adapt and adjust parameters.

I am immensely excited to put this knowledge to practice and continue to give my athletes, fat loss and weight gain clientele the best results possible in the shortest time possible!

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