Many people experience physical pain throughout just walking around living. Unfortunately, this is no way to live. Chronic pain creates a cascade of affects that can negatively impact the body in many ways. Chronic pain has been shown to cause depression. Chronic pain can release excessive amounts of cortisol, our stress hormone, into our system. If released in large and chronic amounts, cortisol can cause inflamation, weight gain, sleep problems, cancer, diabetes and the list goes on. 

Pain can often be treated through physical exercise. There are definitely limits and contraindications when attempting to control specific pain causes and that’s where having a good coach or physical therapist can help. Find a great practitioner near your to help you reduce your back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and more. 

If your pain does not become aggravated through yoga, it is a great practice to help reduce stress and create mobility. Apps such as Headspace can help you learn to meditate, calm your mind and reduce stress. Try anything you can to relax, sleep and feel better!

Web sites such as NASM’s and NSCA’s contain a database of great practitioners near you. 

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