Developing Power the Easy Way!

A great alternative to the power clean that can help develop explosive power just as efficiently. If you haven't taken a look at my previous post on why it is important to develop strength before power, please take a look there first! Otherwise, be prepared to see minimal results!The Importance of Strength Development before power!Variation…Read more Developing Power the Easy Way!

Chin-Up variation


The pull-up is an amazing exercise. Often times we focus on attempting to get our chin to the bar, however the best queue to picture mentally is to drive your elbows down through the floor explosively and then back. This allows us to activate the correct musculature and in the correct order, and makes the…Read more Pull-Ups

Farmers carry

Farmers Walk: aka best exercise ever?!

The Farmers Walk is an amazing exercise. Almost any goals can be accomplished through this exercise. It trains the hips, core, traps, lats, forearms, feet, calves and more. Take a look at these videos to get an idea of how to perform the exercise properly and how to adjust the exercise to accomplish your goals!…Read more Farmers Walk: aka best exercise ever?!